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Flag football is the sporting world’s non-physical answer to the rather rough game of American football and is most commonly recommended for children and people of weaker strength. Several flags are placed at the waist of a player and this serves as the team’s mobile ‘base’. A member of the opposing team will then go through human obstacles and, instead of tackling another person, will only need to retrieve the opponent’s flag to gain a point. This way, there are a fewer number of recorded injuries because of the relative absence of close physical contact among players.

Like the regular football game, players will need protective gear as this game is still of physical nature because of the running and mild contact involved.

The only necessary flag football equipment needed to play that makes this game unique from the others is a special belt, which is attached to the waist and where the flags are placed. The flag set depends on the type of game played; some flags come in threes or fours and come in different colors. The flags are also not too tightly attached to the belt to allow for easy rip off and prevent injury.

The Triple Threat game, for instance, requires the entire belt to be ripped off to score a point, while the Sonic Pop game will need one flag out. A lot of modifications have been made to the game over time to accommodate the capabilities of the players involved and to consider the equipment available.

You will also need a helmet, as well as knee pads and elbow pads to protect yourself from scrapes and abrasions. The game may not be as physically taxing as the usual American football game, but you will still need protective gear in case of accidents. According to the usual rules of non-contact flag football, players on the defense are not allowed to use their hands to block players from the other team and can only try to grab the opposing team’s flag. In contact flag football, on the other hand, contact is restricted to the chest area.

The footballs also don’t need to be as hard as the usual football and usually come in soft material; thus, making this game relatively safe for kids. These balls also come in different bright colors to make the game extra exciting.

There have been many variations to the game of flag football that the rules of playing the game is dependent on what has been agreed among the participants. Nevertheless, the necessary flag football equipment needed to play remains the same throughout all types of game combinations and the point really is to keep the players well protected and accident-free.