Pint Concentrate          FDP001          $32.00

Gallon Concentrate     FDP002          $250.00
Bac-Shield Bacteria Inhibitor

Use for All Sports Equipment!
Helps to provide protection by inhibiting reproduction of harmful bacteria & fungi
between cleanings & disinfections.
Can be used in the laundry, sprayed or fogged.
Use for All Sports Equipment!
laundered, sprayed or fogged

Inhibits the growth of odor-causing
bacteria such as:
Athelets Foot

Use on:
Sports Equipment
Locker Rooms
All Equipment Head to Toe!

Powerful. Multipurpose concentrate kills HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B & C, and other viruses. Kills strep, staph (including
MRSA), and fungus germs on contact. Cleans and disinfects all athletic equipment.  Prevents spread of boils and athlete’s foot.
Whizzer® is a cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide and deodorizer — all in one.
Great post and pre-season treatment for all equipment.  Treat your helmets before storing in a non-reconditioning year
For large applications, dilute in a pump garden sprayer and apply

Economical !  One ounce of concentrate mixed with water makes a gallon of full-strength disinfectant. 128 dilutions per gallon.
Fast !  Apply directly to mats, floors, walls, training tables, locker rooms, or personal items. Just wipe dry.

EPA Registered

FDP003    1 gallon (with 2 free sprayers)       $41
.10      PRE SEASON     $38.15
Mueller Sani-Cloth® Plus - Germicidal Wipes

Pre-moistened cloths contain powerful disinfectant to kill germs on hard surfaces and equipment.  Convenient to use -
economical, disposable.  Tuberculocidal, bactericidal and virucidal, including HIV.

EPA registered.

FDP005     160 per canister    (12 canisters per case)         $20
7.70          PRE SEASON    $192.85
Mueller Emergency Spill Kit

Ready-to-use kit contains components for biohazard (blood) cleanup.
Great for the gymnasium, pool, wrestling mats .. all athletic events.

1 - Bio-Wipe Bag™/Mitt
1 - 2 oz Cavicide Disinfectant Spray
2 - Nitrile Gloves
1 - Heavy Duty Towelette
1 - Instruction Sheet (Contents may vary)

FDP006     12 kits per case      $30
0.95          PRE SEASON    $279.45
Mueller Blood Spill Tape™

Acts in 2 ways to help control bleeding.
Absorption - 99% cotton for fast absorption and easy-tearing application.

FDP007     Case of 24 rolls, 2 in x 5 yd stretched (180 in) each roll          $53
.45       PRE SEASON     $49.65

FDP008     Case of 16 rolls, 3 in x 5 yd stretched (180 in) each roll          $53.45       PRE SEASON     $49.65
Mueller Glove Dispenser

Clips to belt for easy access.  Black with 6 large gloves.

FDP009         6 Dispensers Per Box      $50
.30       PRE SEASON    $46.70

Gloves, Latex

Non-sterile, ambidextrous latex gloves (with powder) fit like a second skin.
Gloves allow maximum dexterity, sensitive touch and excellent resiliency.
Box of 100 each

Sizes : Medium (Size 7 - 8), Large (Size 8 ½ - 10)

FDP010          $11.85           
PRE SEASON    $10.95
Mueller Nasal Plugs

Soft, non-linting 100% virgin cotton plugs used to control common nosebleeds occurring in the first inch of the nose - 1 1/2"
Package of 300

FFK047           $13.25       
     PRE SEASON    $12.30

Mueller Nasal Sponges

Fiber-free nasal sponges hydrate and expand to absorb blood and apply pressure to help stop bleeding.  Fiber-free
material helps eliminate risk of contamination.  Each sponge individually wrapped

Package of 5           FFK048      $22.10
      PRE SEASON     $20.50

Package of 25         FFK049     $117.85      PRE SEASON    $109.45
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