Helmet Racks

Racks holds 40, 60, or 80 helmets. Constructed of 1" heavy gauge galvanized steel. Rods
are designed to hold helmets in place and allow for faster drying. Rack moves easily on
heavy duty casters.  Base 30"L x 30"W.  Shipped UPS/RPS.

40 Helmet Rack           FHR001         $17
5.00     PRE SEASON     $163.35
60 Helmet Rack           FHR002         $190.00     PRE SEASON     $177.35
80 Helmet Rack           FHR003         $204.65     PRE SEASON     $191.00
Shoulder Pad Racks

These shoulder pad transports are constructed of 1" galvanized
steel tube; base is 1 1/4". They are designed to dry and transport
your pads. Moves easily on heavy duty swivel casters.
Shipped UPS/FedEx.
25"L x 24"W x 6'H  Holds 50 pads                                        FSR001          $145.70          PRE SEASON          $136.00
54"L x 24"W x 6'H  Holds 100 youth pads (60 Adult)         FSR002          $204.65          PRE SEASON          $191.00
54"L x 24"W x 6'H  Holds 60 oversize pads                        FSR003          $198.60          PRE SEASON          $185.35
Handle for Shoulder Pad Racks

This sturdy handle attaches easily to shoulder pad transports with just one bolt. Makes moving
transports a breeze. On FSR001 hole must be drilled in tubing to accept bolt for handle.  
Shipped UPS/RPS

FSR004     $5
7.50       PRE SEASON     $53.65
Combination Helmet / Shoulder Pad Racks

These racks are designed to hold helmets and shoulder pads on the same hook. This allows
them to dry more quickly which should increase the life of the pads. The heavy duty swivel
casters make transporting and storing the equipment easy.  
Use indoors for storage also.
Stands measure 80"L x 76"H x 36"W.  Shipped UPS/RPS.

FHR004     Single (Holds about 15 helmets with shoulder pads)

78.20          PRE SEASON    $259.65

FHR005     Double (Holds about 24 helmets with shoulder pads)
7.15          PRE SEASON    $314.65
Helmet Storage Cart

Transport your team's helmets on this easy to use cart. Made from heavy duty 1"
galvanized steel tubing. This cart rolls on four heavy duty rubber casters. Cart will easily fit
through doors. Dimensions are 24" W x 60" L x 60" H.
Cart holds 48 helmets.

Shipped UPS/FedEx.

FHR006        $19
7.15         PRE SEASON     $184.00