Photo Submission Policy
Our goal is to promote a community forum and web site for any team to
post their pictures for other teams within the Youth Football community to
view.  We also proudly display uniforms or equipment that we have done for
some of these teams.

We respect all concerns for privacy and adhere to a strict policy regarding
the dissemination of information to any other individual(s), companies or

We will not publish any names associated with any photographs unless you
approve or request that we include that information with such
photograph(s) or image(s).

You may request or approve that we use the player or cheerleaders' name
with their photo(s), or you may request or approve that we use a first name
and last initial, or a first name only.

We will also provide a link to your teams web site, and/or display your
win/loss record for the season if you desire.

We will not furnish any information to any individual(s), companies or
organizations about any subject in any photograph or image posted within
our site.  Upon proper request, information will be provided to law
enforcement agencies only.

We do not collect or store information about any subject(s) in any
photograph(s) or image(s).

We will never contact any person (coach, family member or other person)
to request additional information regarding any individual(s) who appears in
our team photo gallery or on our site.

Upon notification from you or your board of directors; we will immediately
remove from, and discontinue distribution of any photo(s) or image(s) that
you request to be removed.  We will also honor such requests from a
custodial parent or law enforcement agency.

We do not provide any photographs or images to any third party.
We do not permit the use of any photographs or images contained within
our site to be copied or re-distributed to any other sites, companies or
For further information concerning our policies, please contact us.