Mouth Guards
Junior Size !

Fast-fitting co-polymer resin

Preferred 'Loop-Thru' Design

Thickened posterior area helps absorb impact and oral trauma via an aerated
shock absorbing "pillow"

Impact pad reduces the risk of concussion

Thin front wall construction does not interfere with speech or breathing

Low profile helps reduce gagging

Perfect fit gives better blunt-blow protection

Co-polymer construction lends to comfort and durability

Latex Free

Available Colors : BK, DG, KY, NY, RO, PU, MA, PINK, RD, OR, GO, WH, CL

Sold in boxes of 100 pieces

With Strap      FMG007          $55.40       
PRE SEASON    $51.45
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By Right-Gard Corporation - America's #1 Manufacturer Of Mouth Guards !
The primary purpose of any mouth guard is to lessen the chance of a
concussion caused by force transmitted through the teeth and jawbone. It is a secondary
benefit that a mouth guard will help protect the teeth from breakage.

Various manufacturers use different qualities of material to make their mouth guards. A
denser, thicker material has greater impact resistance. An indicator of the thickness and
ultimate impact resistance a particular mouth guard has can be seen by comparing the “boil”
or “fit” time of each. The longer the “boil time” the denser the material.

Our All American has a 35 second boil time, which surpasses many competitive models.
Manufacturer’s Dental Warranty. Sold in bags of 100.

Colors : BK, WH, CL, GO, NY, RO, RD, MA, PU, OR, DG

Junior Mouth Guard With Strap             FMG001          $32.85          
PRE SEASON    $30.60
Adams Form Fit Mouthguards

Top Quality dental vinyl gives greater strength, comfort, ease of speech, and breathing. Soft
and comfortable, mouth guards can be trimmed for exact fit. Non-release strap.
Anti-concussion. Dental warranty.

Contoured to custom fit in 30 seconds. Order in Quantity of 100 (per color).

Black, Gold, Red, Royal, Clear, Green, Orange, Tan, Purple, Navy, White and Maroon

With Strap     FMG011          $38
.80          PRE SEASON    $36.10