Hadar JRHX Modular Sled

Hadar's patented modular blocking sled offers flexibility on the practice field as well in the
budget. Units can be purchased all at once in any configuration from a one-man sled to a
seven-man sled, or buy one this year and one next year with a conversion kit. A four-man
sled breaks down to become two two-man sleds, a three-man sled and a one-man sled,
or even two one man sleds and a two-man sled. Likewise, put a two-man sled together
with a three-man sled to make a five-man sled. Any combination is possible

The JRHX Sled is a breakthrough in sled design.  It incorporates all of the features on the
now legendary Hadar HX Series sled .. in youth size.

Three different interchangeable sled pads are also available. Get the right pad for the right
drill. Your choice of pads .. Full Body (left), Cylinder (Below right) or Cone in
16 colors !

5 Year Guarantee On Sleds & Components !
FSL017-1       Junior 1 Man Sled       $545.00          PRE SEASON    $511.00      70 lbs

FSL017-2       Junior 2 Man Sled       $105
2.00        PRE SEASON    $986.25     150 lbs

FSL017-5       Junior 5 Man Sled       $27
35.75        PRE SEASON    $2564.75   385 lbs

FSL017-7       Junior 7 Man Sled       $38
51.60        PRE SEASON    $3610.90   535 lbs
JRCY  Cylinder Pad (Middle)
The basic cylinder sled pad. The pad is small
enough that even Pee Wee tackle players can
hit it, wrap and tackle. Eight year olds with no
football experience will be hitting this sled,
making solid contact and wrapping up the
dummy at their first practice.
JRFB  Full Body Pad (Left)
Hit and release this full body style
sled pad for realistic pass blocking
footwork. Then, engage the full
body just below the shoulder to
develop pass blocking technique.
Turn around on the defensive side
and this small full body dummy
allows for all the big moves in a
downsized scale: rip, swim,
uppercut, shimmy and shake your
way to great pass rush technique
with a pad built just for youth
JRCO  Cone Pad (Right)
Advance to the JRCO to develop
a natural sense for getting low
and staying low. When young
players hit the cone too high
they naturally drop to a position
where they can wrap their arms
and tackle. Same with blocking
technique: hit too high and the
sled is much harder to move,
lower the hands and get down
to run block.

Replacement Pads

These replacement pads may also fit additional sleds other than
Hadar.  Please call for plate / core dimensions.

Junior Full Body Pad   40" x 16" top / 10" bottom x 5"       17 lbs

FSL019FB          $10
0.65      PRE SEASON    $93.75

Junior Cylinder Pad    40" x 12"          20 lbs  

FSL019CY          $10
0.65       PRE SEASON    $93.75

Junior Cone Pad 40" x 12-17"            22 lbs

FSL019CO          $10
0.65       PRE SEASON    $93.75
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