Magic Grip™

Repels sweat and moisture to improve grip.  Most effective, clean and convenient grip
enhancer available.  Not sticky or tacky, washes off with soap and water.  Non-toxic and
biodegradable.  Approved for use by all major governing sports organizations.

3 oz aerosol spray

FFK023      $7.10         
PRE SEASON     $6.55
Coolant Cold Spray

Non-medicated propellant to cool skin fast and help relieve swelling.

4 oz. aerosol spray can   FFK024      $8.10         
PRE SEASON     $7.50

9 oz. aerosol spray can   FFK025      $12.00       PRE SEASON     $11.15

Spray on bandage for athletes.  Forms a protective cover and helps protect wounds from further
contamination.  Excellent as a bandage for abrasions from artificial turf, cuts, or floor burns.
3 oz aerosol spray

FFK026      $9.55         
PRE SEASON     $8.85
Abrasion Ointment

Temporarily relieves pain and protects minor scrapes, cuts and abrasions.
2.75 oz tube

FFK027      $13.60       
PRE SEASON     $12.65
SUDS™ Foam Soap

Convenient waterless foam soap used for cleaning hands and minor
wounds.  4 oz spray

FFK028      $6.55         
PRE SEASON     $6.10
M Strips®

Sterile adhesive band strips in two sizes.

1" x 3" - Box of 100       FFK029      $6.15         
PRE SEASON     $5.70

2" x 4 1/2" - Box of 50  FFK030      $9.55         PRE SEASON     $8.85
Fingertip Bandages

Form cut adhesive band strips
Box of 100

FFK031      $12.00            
PRE SEASON    $11.15
Gauze Pads

Individually wrapped, 12-ply sterile pads for general first aid use.
Boxes of 100

2" x 2"         FFK032      $11.60       
PRE SEASON     $10.75
3" x 3"         FFK033      $14.75       PRE SEASON     $13.70
4" x 4"         FFK034      $23.85       PRE SEASON     $22.15
Germa Spray

Antiseptic spray to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  
Easy to use in handy take along, non-aerosol spray.
2 oz pump spray

FFK036      $5.15         
PRE SEASON     $4.80
Elastic Bandages - Rubberized

High quality cotton and elastic bandages for compression and to hold cold packs in place.  
Washable.  Reusable.  Carton of 10 - 5 yard rolls.

2"           FFK041      $16.35       
PRE SEASON     $15.20
3"           FFK042      $21.45       PRE SEASON     $19.90
4"           FFK043      $27.85       PRE SEASON     $25.85
6"           FFK044      $39.25       PRE SEASON     $36.45
Pro Strips™

Adhesive mesh, pressure sensitive strips adhere to skin for protection against turf
burns, scrapes, blisters, calluses - wherever abrasion control is needed.  Available
in pre-cut strips for forehead and elbow or rolls of 2", 4" and 6" widths.

Forehead  (24)  2" x 5" Pre-cut strips     FFK045     $8.10       

Elbow  (24)  4" x 8" Pre-cut strips           FFK046     $15.75     PRE SEASON  $14.65
Nasal Plugs

Soft, non-linting 100% virgin cotton plugs used to control common nosebleeds
occurring in the first inch of the nose - 1 1/2" long
Package of 300

FFK047           $13.25            
PRE SEASON    $12.30

Nasal Sponges

Fiber-free nasal sponges hydrate and expand to absorb blood and apply pressure to
help stop bleeding.  Fiber-free material helps eliminate risk of contamination.  Each
sponge individually wrapped

Package of 5           FFK048      $22.10        
PRE SEASON    $20.50
Package of 25         FFK049     $117.85      PRE SEASON    $109.45
No Glare™ Stick

Black paste for application to cheekbones just below eyes of athletes to reduce glare
on bright days.

.65 oz stick          FFK037      $4.00        
 PRE SEASON     $3.70
.15 oz stick          FFK038      $2.30         PRE SEASON     $2.15
No Glare™ Strips

Pressure sensitive, maximum non-glaring strips.  Easy to use and remove.  Won't
smear or sweat off.  Won't stain uniforms and allows towel drying of face.

Team Pack of 144 strips      FFK039     $12.90         
PRE SEASON     $12.00
No Glare™ Strips Premium

U.S. PATENTS 4,719,909, D441,081
Extra coverage reduces glare on nose.

36 strips/clamshell               FFK040     $12.15        
PRE SEASON     $11.30
Field tested, Laboratory proven!

Mueller's Patented No Glare™ Strips and No Glare™ Strips Premium.  They work, you'll see.  A study
performed by Bjorksten Research Laboratory division of BIT7, Inc., demonstrated that while eye black grease
works, No Glare™ Strips are more effective and No Glare™ Strips Premium are significantly more effective in
reducing glare from bright stadium lights or the sun.  Serious athletes at all levels agree.

No Glare™ Strips are more effective than grease, pressure-sensitive so they won't smear or sweat off, easy to
use and remove, they won't stain uniforms, and you can towel dry with no greasy mess.  Face it, they work.

Click here for Anti-Glare research and studies
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Sanitation & Disinfectant Products
Glove Dispenser

Clips to belt for easy access.  Black with 6 large gloves.

FDP009         Box Of 6 Dispensers          $50.30      
PRE SEASON    $46.70

Gloves, Latex

Non-sterile, ambidextrous latex gloves (with powder) fit like a second skin.
Gloves allow maximum dexterity, sensitive touch and excellent resiliency.
Box of 100 each

Sizes : Medium (Size 7 - 8), Large (Size 8 ½ - 10)

FDP010          $11.85            
PRE SEASON    $10.95