Stadium Pro™ Goal Posts

Stadium Pro 1000™ (steel)
With the main standard six feet behind the end line, provides the latest in style and safety
at a value price.
Compare our hefty specifications with other brands.
“Gooseneck” and crossbar of 5" OD 11 gauge tube; uprights of 3" OD 14 gauge tube.
Long lasting powder coated finish in your
choice of white or optic yellow.
Priced Per Pair - Ground sleeves included!

23'4" crossbar, 20' uprights (NFHS)  - 940 lbs
18'6 crossbar (Collegiate/Pro) also available .. Please Call

FGP001                    $34
59.00 per pair
Rogers Stadium Pro Goal Posts meet High School Federation
and NCAA specifications. Order padding separately.
Rogers Goal Post Pads

Foam core is 6" thick and encased by 18-oz. vinyl-coated nylon.  Fully encased Pads are easy to attach and
remove, and are held in place with Velcro™.  Fits poles up to 6" in diameter.
Protect players and boost team spirit.

Cover available in BK, GO, KY, NY, OR, PU, RD, RO, SG, WH

6' high        FGP002          $577.00     (Pair)     48 lb
7' high        FGP003          $599.00     (Pair)     60 lb

Help fire up the fans and players with custom silk screening.
Indicate your team name and/or logo and the ink colors.
Screening charge: $110.00 per color, per pair -  includes lettering
(Add $40 per color for logo or special art)

1 Color Printing (Pair)                     FGPPRINT1            $110.00
2 Color Printing (Pair)                     FGPPRINT2            $220.00
3 Color Printing (Pair)                     FGPPRINT5            $330.00   
Goal Post Pads

18 oz Vinyl coated nylon with velcro closure
Foam is encased from the goal post and the elements.
Ships UPS OS2

Cover available in BK, GO, KY, NY, OR, PU, RD, RO, SG, WH

18" OD x 7" ID - 6' high         FGP004          $529.00  (Pair)


Vinyl Sewn On Letters !

Huge Savings Over
Competitive Printing !
Save An Average Of $146.00 Over
Competitive Printing Charges !

Vinyl Sewn On Letters For
Durability & The Ultimate
Professional Look !
Goal Post Pad Customization

Sewn On Letters - Not Screened !

1 Color Numbers   FGPPRINT3   $5.00 Per Letter
2 Color Numbers   FGPPRINT4   $10.00 Per Letter


6' High Numbers !
(NFHS Specifications)
Special Teams Mat

Follow the example of major college teams and spot your special teams
players on the dots.  The right number of players will be organized and ready ..
and you'll avoid a penalty or using an unnecessary time-out.  Assure that the
right players make it on the field.
Vinyl mat does not absorb water so it is easy to store.

Approx. 12' x 6' - 7 lbs - Ships UPS

FFE022      $179.00
Landing Mat

Facilitate numerous repetitions of punt and kink blocking, receiving drills and
running back drills.  Covered with durable 18 oz Vinyl coated nylon.
4 handles on each side
10' long x 6' wide x 12" thick     145 lbs - Ships Truck

Colors : Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Navy

FFE023      $699.00

Not For High Jump Pit Use !
Bleacher Seat Frames

Excellent for youth sports. Three rows of seats, ten feet in length. Constructed of
heavy gauge 1 3/4" galvanized steel tube with 1 1/2" heavy gauge braces.
Complete with middle frame and hardware. Wood NOT included.

FFE024      $270.75         
PRE SEASON    $251.45
Observation Stand

A truly stable yet portable tower for use in coaching, band directing, photo taking,
etc. Constructed using 1 1/4" galvanized steel tube. The base of the tower is 6' x 8'.
The platform is 4' x 4' carpeted 3/4" plywood and is 10' above the ground. Ladder
is permanently attached and folds when not in use. Will hold up to 300 lbs.
Moves easily with attached handle.

FFE025      $12
05.00          PRE SEASON    $1124.65


50% Thicker Padding Than
Many Competitive Pads !
Toll Free   800 758-6004     800 758-6005
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Model: STE3 & STE6
Use: Each kit includes 0-5, G and
Size: Choose between 3' & 6' numbers
Price: $249 for the 3' stencil kit, $618
for the 6' stencil kit
*Arrow included with 6' stencil kit only

Three Foot Kit      FFE020-3   $249.00
Six Foot Kit           FFE020-6   $618.00