Rogers Youth Chutes

Practice correct take-off techniques.
Players learn to stay low while firing off the ball and then to give
the dummy an explosive hit.  Adjust the height (without tools)
from 36" to 46" to best challenge your players depending on their
average size.  
Offset for dummy placement.

Available in one, two, three or five stations.
(Dummy sold separately)
* Free Training Video for coaches shows chute drills by
successful coaches.

1 Station Chute       FCH001         $359.00          89 lb.

2 Station Chute       FCH002         $55
9.00          129 lb.

3 Station Chute       FCH003         $76
9.00          179 lb.

5 Station Chute       FCH005         $113
9.00        278 lb.

7 Station Chute       FCH010         $14
49.00        477 lb.
Economy Lineman Chute         

Our chutes are designed to instruct lineman to
maintain a low body position when coming off the line.
Made to take a beating. Made with 1" galvanized steel
tube.  Chutes link together to form multi-station units.
Chute size is 44"W x 44"H
1 Man Fixed Height Chute        FCH006          $83.95            PRE SEASON    $78.35

3 Man Fixed Height Chute        FCH007          $175.00          PRE SEASON    $163.35
Professional Lineman Chute

This Pro Lineman Chute is the ultimate. Built to take that tough abuse only
the pros can dish out. Both ends have adjustable bars with heavy shock cord
stretched between. Metal frame is constructed of 1" heavy gauge galvanized
steel tubing. Frame is 54"L x 54"W x 54"H. Shipped UPS/FED-EX/DHL

FCH008          $120
.70          PRE SEASON    $112.65
QB Tee

Improve quarterback timing and speed.
With the help of the QB-tee, he concentrates on releasing the
ball faster. Program a time interval such as 3.8 seconds.
Removing the ball from the cradle triggers the built-in timing
clock. When the time expires, the buzzer sounds. If the buzzer
goes off before the player releases the ball, the play is dead!
Great for timed drills and helps you measure timing and

We like to think of this device as the Quick Ball Tee, rather then
the Quarterback Tee, because it has so many training uses for
your team beyond one position.

Start with your long snapper and use the QBTEE to make sure
you are getting punts off in the amount of time your line is
actually providing.  A 4 second rule is no good if your line is
providing only 3 seconds of protection

Don't just work on pass protection: work on timed routes, the
difference in the 3 step and the 5 step drop, work on seeing
first, second and third passing options.  After you've used the
QBTEE, you'll wonder why you ever bothered working on
mechanics without timing quarterback motion.

FCA001          $63.25        
Click For QB Tee Detail !
Removable Legs
allow the QBTEE to
be used in many
different drills
When the buzzer
sounds, the punt is
blocked! The QBTEE
allows punters to
work alone on
mechanics without
other players or
risking a live rush.
Dual-position ball
cradle allows ball to
be handled in
different ways for
different situations.
Easily reset the time
to create new goals
for pass and punt
protection. If your
Quarterback only has
3.2 seconds to pass,
work with the QBTEE
and your line to
improve time by 0.1
second increments
The QBTEE timer
can be set in
increments of a tenth
of a second. Keep
shortening the time
as the Quarterback
improves or make it
longer when working
with linemen
providing protection.  
QB Center Machine

3 Year Warranty
Size : 4' x 2'
Weight : 70 lbs.
Ships Truck

FCA021          $695.00
QB Center Machine Detail

The Rae Crowther Line Up Trainer is 35' long. One side of the
trainer is marked for offensive positions, and the opposite side is
marked for defensive positions. Each position is marked on a slider
and can be moved to suit your individual splits. Each end is sand
weighted. Choose between two color choices: blue/yellow or
red/white. The Line Up Trainer folds for storage. Ships UPS.

35' Long, 20 Lbs
3 Year Warranty

FFE003RW    Red / White                          $129.00    

FFE003BG     Blue / Gold  (Shown)          $129.00   
Adjustable Lineman Splits Marker

The 36-ft long  Line Spacer allows players to line up in
varying splits and simulate offensive sets versus
different defensive fronts.
Also, use it to teach play numbering and blocking
assignments.  Weighted body and markers won't blow
away in the wind.

Adjustable markers: E-T-G-C-G-T-E

Carrier Included
Now Available In Your Team Colors !

Your Choice Of Any 2 Colors
(With White Letters)
FCA008          $112.45      PRE SEASON    $104.45
Fixed Height Knee High Trainers (Running Ropes)

This training aid is a must for the conditioning of athletes. Excellent for Phys Ed classes
also. Constructed of 1" heavy gauge galvanized steel tube and shock cord. Available in
two widths and two lengths. Shipped UPS/FED-EX

20' x 4'        FCA031         $16
0.70           PRE SEASON    $150.00
Replacement Ropes       FCA031R       $28.55        PRE SEASON  $26.65

30' x 4'        FCA032         $183.95           PRE SEASON    $171.65
Replacement Ropes       FCA032R       $36.10        PRE SEASON  $33.65

20' x 6'        FCA002          $190.00          PRE SEASON    $177.35
Replacement Ropes       FCA002R       $26.45        PRE SEASON  $24.65

30' x 6'        FCA003          $213.60          PRE SEASON    $199.35   
Replacement Ropes       FCA003R       $45.70        PRE SEASON  $42.65
Kicking Cage

Allow your Kicker the freedom he needs to warm up his leg. Made of 1" galvanized
steel tube with weighted base legs. Kicking area 72"H x 40"W. Kicking net is
designed to absorb shock of kick, catch and maintain control of ball. Nylon net will
give years of wear. Shipped UPS/RPS.  

FCA004           $14
0.00         PRE SEASON  $130.65

Replacement Net        FCA004R             $32.50            PRE SEASON     $30.35
Kicking Holder

Spring Tension holds ball in desired kicking position. Base is weighted for extra
stability. Ideal for use with FCA004 kicking cage. Shipped UPS/RPS.

FCA005               $35
.35           PRE SEASON     $33.00
Team Watering Station

Have more time for practice. Now 11 players can refresh themselves at one
time. Set up right on the practice field. Connects to ordinary garden hose.
Frame is constructed of galvanized steel tube. Moves easily on 8" wheels.
Shipped UPS/RPS.

FCA006               $20
4.65            PRE SEASON     $191.00
Centering Aid

Help your center improve his skill. This 24" circle adjusts from 12" point after
accuracy to 48" punt centering accuracy. Aid is constructed of heavy gauge
galvanized steel tubing with a weighted base for stability. Complete with net.
Shipped UPS/RPS.

FCA007               $13
1.10            PRE SEASON     $122.35
Ballistic Response (Agility) Ladder

This is one of the most popular speed training products. No other single
piece of equipment has as many uses. It is designed to improve foot
quickness, body control, and body-awareness. The ladder detaches in the
middle for enhanced sport-specific applications. It's 10 yards long and has
extremely durable half-moon plastic rungs that do not crack. The first and
last rungs are blue so that the ladder can be laid out quickly. All ladders
come with a travel bag and instructions. 2 year warranty

FCA009               $69.00      FCA009-3    Set of 3              $195.00
Special Teams Mat

Follow the example of major college teams and spot your special
teams players on the dots.  The right number of players will be
organized and ready .. and you'll avoid a penalty or using an
unnecessary time-out.  Assure that the right players make it on the field.
Vinyl mat does not absorb water so it is easy to store.

Approx. 12' x 6' - 7 lbs - Ships UPS

FFE022      $198.00
Landing Mat

Facilitate numerous repetitions of punt and kink blocking, receiving
drills and running back drills.
Covered with durable 18 oz Vinyl coated nylon.
4 handles on each side
10' long x 6' wide x 12" thick     145 lbs - Ships Truck

Color : Yellow, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Navy Blue

FFE023      $699.00
Football Stat Book

Big Red Football Statbook is 9¼ x 12 inchesand wire spiral bound at
the side.
* Scores 12 games
* Separate pages for each team to record their own offensive
* A handy play number reference column which allows coaches to look
up key plays throughout the season
* Separate sections for recording kicks, returns, turnovers and
* Detailed possession and scoring summary sections
* Additional tear-out pages for recording defensive statistics
* Heavy back cover provides rigid writing surface
* Directions and examples on how to score

FSB200     $9.95
Stat Book Detail
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The Rae Crowther Adjustable "All-in-One" line-up trainer simplifies the
placement of defensive front personnel. The "Even" numbers are head up
when lining up on the Center, Guard, and Tackle. The "Odd" numbers
determine shading to the outside shoulder. The "Even" numbers with the letter
"i" represent shading on the inside shoulder. This lineup trainer helps teach a
universal system of defensive alignment. Great teaching tool for sub-varsity
teams. A time saver for aligning scout teams. Allows for Multiple defensive
fronts. Teaches gap control. Improves linebacker alignments. Coaches can
call out defensive fronts by number. Each position is marked on a slider and
can be moved to suit your individual splits. Each end is sand weighted.

Color available: Blue / Gold

FFE057          $195.00