How To Measure For A Perfect Fit

To assure a proper fit, carefully follow the instructions
listed below.
The tape should be held tightly at all times when
Measure to 1/4".

1. CHEST. Place tape approximately 1" under the arms.

2. WAIST. Wrap tape around the body at the
narrowest part of the waist.

3. HIPS. Measure hips approximately 9" below the
waistline or at the widest part.

4. INSEAM. Measure the inside of the leg from the crotch
to the top of shoe heel.

5. OUTSEAM. Measure the outside of the leg from the
waistline to shoe heel top.

6. SLEEVE. Measure from the center of the back over
the elbow to the wrist.
Keep the elbow bent at shoulder level (see diag. 6).

7. JACKET LENGTH. Measure from collar bone down
the back to the waist
(see diag. 7).
Garment Sizing

Garment sizing is determined from the actual body measurements.
A specific size garment (i.e. size 42) is designed to fit a body with a chest measurement of 42".

Actual size of the pattern and garment will be determined by:

a. Requirements of the sport (designed for loose or tight fit)
b. Type of fabric intended for the garment design
c. Special garment styles or designs - when the above adjustments have been factored into the pattern,
the garment should fit the proper size body as indicated on the size label of the garment

YOUTH SMALL                  UP TO 55 LBS.                 ADULT SMALL                  

YOUTH MEDIUM               55-80 LBS.                        ADULT MEDIUM               130-155 LBS.

YOUTH LARGE                 80-105 LBS.                      ADULT LARGE                  155-175 LBS.

YOUTH XLARGE               105-130 LBS.                    ADULT XLARGE               175-200 LBS     

YOUTH 2XLARGE            130-155 LBS.                     ADULT 2XLARGE             200-225 LBS.
Weight Charts Are Meant As
A Guideline Only.

Some Jerseys Are Designed With A  
Tighter Cut To Be More Form Fitting.

Please Ask Us About Your Specific
Jersey Cut And Fit

When In Doubt, Or If A Player Is Near
The Next Size, Always Bump Up To
The Larger Size.

YOUTH XSMALL               UP TO 50 LBS.                  ADULT SMALL                   100-130 LBS.

YOUTH SMALL                  50-70 LBS.                         ADULT MEDIUM               130-150 LBS.

YOUTH MEDIUM               70-110 LBS.                      ADULT LARGE                  150-170 LBS.

YOUTH LARGE                 110-130 LBS.                    ADULT XLARGE               170-200 LBS     

YOUTH XLARGE              130-150 LBS.                     ADULT 2XLARGE             200-225 LBS.

YOUTH 2XLARGE                                                          ADULT 3XLARGE
Youth Pants With The Same Weight
Range As Adult Pants Are Cut Shorter
And Are Fuller In The Leg And Seat
Areas; With Adult Sizes Being Cut
Longer And More Tapered

Lycra Pants Have Much Better Stretch
Characteristics Than Dazzle Polyester
Pants And Are
Designed To Fit Tighter

Please Ask Us About Your Specific
Pant Cut And Fit

When In Doubt, Or If A Player Is Near
The Next Size, Always Bump Up To
The Larger Size.