Rogers Lil Round Stand Up Dummy

Foster game-winning skills with form tackling, drive blocking, and board drills.  
One-year warranty.  

52" x 14"    10 lb.

Color : RD

FSH006     $119.00

Special !  Set Of 6        FSH006-6          $654.00
Rogers Lil Stunt Shield

Train proper use of hands during run and pass blocking on the
realistic aim points resembling an opponent.
20" W x 24" H x 4" thick     5 lb.
One-year warranty

Colors : RD, RO

FSH010     $89.00

Special !  Set Of 6        FSH010-6      $474.00
Rogers Lil Scoop Shield

Slight curve helps players maintain a low fit and to develop proper
16" W x 26" H x 4" thick    3 lb.
One-year warranty

Colors : RD, RO

FSH011     $69.00

Special !  Set Of 6        FSH011-6      $354.00
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Rogers Youth Rocket Pop-Up

Develop aggressiveness and safe mastery of the blocking and tackling skills needed for
victory. The Rocket comes to its feet after every hit, freeing players from holding or righting
standard dummies. Foam filled.

48" high     60 lbs.

Color : NY

FSH007     $5

Special !  Set Of 4        FSH007-4           $2045.00
Rogers Lil Sweep Shield

Protect players as they learn to react to one-on-one movement.
Three handles facilitate realistic movement by the holder.
16" W x 24" H x 4" thick    3 lb.
One-year warranty

Colors : RD, RO

FSH008     $79.00

Special !  Set Of 6        FSH008-6      $414.00
Rogers Youth Agility Pads

Improve quickness, agility, balance and coordination skills.
Watch players for fluid motion, shoulders over knees, arms moving and eyes on
you.  Youth Agile's slanted sides and urethane foam core safely build confidence
to play over traffic without looking at feet.
Wide base eliminates repositioning after every drill.
12" W x 6" H x 41" long    3 lb.

Color : OR Only

FSH009         $99.00

Special !  Set Of 6        FSH009-6          $534.00