It's a player's game and Rae Crowther Co. makes the tools that
will help your athletes improve their performance.
We combine over 70 years of experience into making the finest
quality and performance oriented football sleds in the world.
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History of Rae Crowther Company

Covers the entire Crowther progression as taught by legendary coach Bobb McKittrick.  It starts with forearm delivery to 6 point
explosion, to full body / hip extension, to driving the sled, working right and left shoulders, working tight hands and pinch explosion,
working goal line crab blocks, working the eyes in coming off the sled to linebacker depth, and trapping the sled.
3 Year Warranty On All
Sleds & Pads

The Tackle-Breaker is unique and unlike any other running back tunnel. Break
through the arms of the Tackle-Breaker and gain extra yardage! By generating
enough force to break open the arms of the Tackle-Breaker your running backs
gain hundreds of first down generating repetitions. Each Power-Arm simulates
not just stripping the ball, but making a tackle.
Comes mostly assembled!  Set-up in minutes .. not hours

Youth and Varsity models available
Weight : 500 lbs
Pad Colors : GO, RD, RO - Custom Colors Available

FSL021           Varsity Tackle Breaker    $199
Tackle Breaker Sled Detail
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Junior S-Sled

The Junior S-Advantage Sleds are a scaled-down version of the regular S-Advantage Sleds.
The S-Pad is the state-of-the-art design!

The S-Pad shape imitates the body lean and angles of attacking opponents.
It’s a pad for all techniques !

The Junior S-Advantage Sleds are designed for
80-120 pound players
The JV S-Advantage Sleds are designed for
95-160 pound players

The Junior S-Tackler is designed to teach the proper “take down” technique.
Modular sled design and wide pad spacing make a perfect fit for your drills.
Get a leg up on the competition; give your team or young athlete an early advantage !
Pad Colors : Black, Navy, Royal, Purple, Maroon, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Junior S-Advantage Tackler             FSL075         $799.00    Weight 110 Lbs      

Junior 2 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-2     $1250.00    

Junior 3 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-3     $1875.00   

Junior 4 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-4     $2499.00    

Junior 5 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-5     $3126.00   

Junior 6 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-6     $3750.00    

Junior 7 Man S-Advantage Sled      FSL077-7     $4375.00

JV S-Advantage Tackler                    FSL076         $932.00   Weight 185 Lbs  

JV 2 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-2     $1522.00    

JV 3 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-3     $2283.00   

JV 4 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-4     $3044.00    

JV 5 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-5     $3806.00   

JV 6 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-6     $4494.00    

JV 7 Man S-Advantage Sled             FSL079-7     $5244.00
Available In Junior & JV Size
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