QB Tee
* Effective for all levels of athletic competition
* Eliminates the need for a stopwatch
* Buzzer is audible even during the heat of play
* Allows Quarterback to develop a sense of timing
* Concentrate on footwork
* Develops speed
* Leaves coaches free to focus on the player’s proper execution
* Prepares players to deal with the pressures of executing quick, precise, and controlled
* Allows QB to develop internal clock
* Ideal for group training
* Light weight, highly mobile
* Made from rugged helmet grade plastic

Players can take the QB-Tee® out in the off season to work on routes and defensive
coverage without the presence of a coaching staff.

QB-Tee® is an essential training tool for any team no matter what the level or skill set.
Grade school, high school, college, and professional athletes can all benefit by
incorporating the QB-Tee® into their practice regimen.

Every second is critical in the quest for victory. Players need to be properly prepared to
deal with the pressures of executing quick, precise, and controlled plays. The QB-Tee®
helps the athlete acquire these skills by simulating a game speed environment. By doing
drills under real time conditions the quarterback will become more comfortable in the
pocket and at game time will get set quicker gaining more time to complete the play.

QB-Tee® is ideal for group training because the instant feedback of the timer mechanism
helps the players develop vital communication skills that will increase efficiency and
improve teamwork. By using the QB-Tee® players will also learn effective clock

QB-Tee® is a standard mechanism in 7-on-7 tournaments across the nation. Two teams
can line up against each other and not quarrel over subjective counting. The play starts
when the ball is removed from the cradle and ends when the ball is caught or time expires.
The lightweight design of the QB-Tee® means it can be easily moved to the new line of
scrimmage for the next play. QB-Tee® is constructed of helmet grade plastic and is
incredibly sturdy.
FCA001          $63.25
FCA001          $63.25
On the Field or the Court...
Behind every successful sports team there are countless hours of practice, preparation, and hard work. Be it a
receiver and quarterback executing split second timing routes, or a basketball player driving down court to score what
looks like an easy two points, behind every victory lies hours of grueling practice. It is imperative that in these hours of
preparation coaches and players utilize versatile skill sets and training tools.

The QB-Tee® is a training device that provides the athlete with an index for setting goals and measuring
improvements. Made from helmet grade plastic QB-Tee® is solid and durable. The multipurpose design allows the
QB-Tee® to effectively cradle either a basketball or football. When the ball is removed from the stand the timer,
programmable to within 1/10 of a second begins to countdown; when the selected time expires the QB-Tee® has a
buzzer that signals the end of the play or drill. Playing against the clock provides the athlete an opportunity to become
comfortable making split second decisions and decisive plays in high pressure situations. By constantly adjusting the
clock and setting obtainable goals athletes are able to gain the increased speed and precision which so often make
the difference between winning and losing.

QB-Tee® is a versatile training tool that is fast becoming the standard in recreational fun and in training high caliber

Master the timing, master the skill, master the game!

Go Hard Be quick follow through
QB-Tee® can be used to practice basketball drills at
game speed from game positions
Young players can work on drills that develop
fundamental skills
Advanced players can practice complex speed drills
Drills can be run from any spot on the floor
QB-Tee is constructed of helmet grade plastic for an
incredibly sturdy yet lightweight design
Timer programmable to within 1/10 of a second
Teaches effective clock management
Buzzer that is that is audible even during the heat of
Helps develop quickness
Provides instant feedback
Inspires self motivation
Allows players to practice without the presence of
coaching staff
QB-Tee® is an essential training tool for any team no
matter what the level or skill set. Grade school, high
school, college, and professional athletes can all
benefit by incorporating the QB-Tee® into their
practice regimen.

The QB-Tee® helps the athlete develop quicker
hands, footwork and ball movement. Training with the
QB-Tee® is effective because drills are practiced at
game speed which enables the players to hone
important skills. The player is able to lessen the
amount of time on the clock to set new goals for
constant improvement. The timer also enables the
player to practice in the off season without the
presence of a coaching staff.

QB-Tee® is also used to slow the game and the
players down so that athletes can grasp the concept
of clock management. Teaching the players effective
clock management and patience makes them more
able to convincingly sell ball fakes and to develop
crisp execution.

Players can practice last second plays over and over
without the cumbersome task of resetting the
scoreboard clock or having a third party run a stop
watch. Players will perform in the clutch with precision
and flawless execution.

With repetitive timed practice players will build
endurance, power, control and composure.
Rec Leagues

QB-Tee brings new excitement to playing touch
football for everyone
Allows everyone to play safely
No need to block so everyone can be a star
Timer programmable to within 1/10 of a second
eliminates fighting over subjective counting by
providing an objective “referee”
Constructed of helmet grade plastic so QB-Tee® is
lightweight and incredibly sturdy
Adults and children alike enjoy the pastime of
backyard sports with friends and family. The QB-
Tee® is an excellent addition to any backyard
football game because it allows everyone to play,
enhances safety, and fairly signals the beginning and
end of the play. The QB-Tee also adds an element of
excitement to backyard play as teams scramble to
beat the clock.

Recreational fun does not have to end in the
backyard. Move the QB-Tee® to the driveway and
shoot some hoops. QB-Tee adds an element of fun
to driveway basketball and pickup games by
providing everyone the opportunity to make a last
second buzzer shot.

Academic institutions across the nation host
intramural sporting events such as flag football
leagues and basketball tournaments. QB-Tee® can
aid in monitoring these events because the timer
signals when the play ends.

QB-Tee® is a fun and versatile product that can
enhance any football or basketball sporting activity
Basketball GameSpeed Training Program

he GameSpeed Training Program was developed by
Coach David Milson of Texas. The program is used
for developing and perfecting a variety of basketball
skills. It emphasizes drills that aim to develop
fundamental basketball skill as well as advanced
techniques for ball control and strengthening the
player’s footwork. It progress the athlete through six
series of drills including:

* Lay-Up Series
* Jump Shot Series
* Ball Screen Series
* Slide Dribble Series
* Competition Series
* Patience Drills

Follow the link below for a GameSpeed QB-Tee
workout sheet that can be used for setting goals and
monitoring your progress.

Sturdy design is intended for years of use

QB-Tee® Features
• Two position cradle for ball placement

• Automatic release to activate the timing mechanism

• Programmable timing mechanism to the 10th of a second

• Light weight stand moves quickly and easily

• Average height of quarterback center exchange

• Rugged and Durable

• Easily stored

Perfect For:
* Quarterback training
* Flag Football Leagues
* Family Outings
* Youth and Adult players
* Backyard Fun