Throws perfect passes, punts and kickoffs to any precise spot on your field.
Your players can practice catching perfect spirals or end-over-end "kicks" at
any speed or distance you choose from 5 yards to 80 yards.

                  FPM001-1       110 Volt     $2299.00
                  FPM001-2       220 Volt     $2374.00


Throw over 600 passes or punts in less than an hour !
Throws accurately up to 50 yards, allowing you to hit your receivers in stride -
running any route in your playbook.
Simulates punts with a hang time of over 5 seconds, allowing you to do drills
that include both punt and punt return teams.
Lightweight & Portable ! Weighs less than 95 lbs.
Comes with it's own transport wheel.  Easy to move to any spot on your
practice field !

        FPM002     $1
The New FIELD GENERAL Will Help Your Team In These Crucial Areas

Receivers and running backs need consistent practice catching the football.  With the FIELD GENERAL, these players see a weeks
worth of passes in a 15 minute drill session.  Simply put, more passes caught in practice means more receptions in games.
Defensive players can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone-coverage drills in a 15 minute session without taking your
quarterbacks away from their work with the offense.
With hang times of up to 5 seconds, the FIELD GENERAL can accurately "kick" high-lofting punts directly at one player or another, or
at any point in between.  You can save 30 minutes of practice time each day because, with the FIELD GENERAL, you will eliminate
shanked punts.  Remember, crisper special teams drills will produce the game results you want.
Younger players in particular really like working with a passing machine - you can see their excitement !
Use the FIELD GENERAL for more effective and enjoyable conditioning drills.  All players like catching passes - they'll love sprinting
after 50 yard bombs thrown from the FIELD GENERAL.
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Recommended Age : Baseball 6 - 15 / Softball 6 - Adult

Speed Range : 15 - 60 MPH

Digital Readout Display

Power Source : 110 Volt AC or 1000 Watt Generator
(Also Available In 220 Volt AC)

Motor : 1/4 HP, 3 Amp

Weight : 75 Lbs
The JUGS Jr.TM Pitching Machine has established itself as the most popular
and widely used youth league pitching machine in the world.

Here are the reasons why:
It has a New Digital readout display. You can now set your JUGS Jr. to throw at the exact mph you
desire. The great thing is this: you decide what precise speed is best for your players.
It comes complete with a baseball chute and long straight legs, and a softball chute with curved legs.
That way you see pitches thrown from a realistic release point for both sports.
It's safe and simple to operate.
Its swivel design base casting provides 360° movement for fly balls, pop-ups & ground balls.
It's great for pitching machine leagues.
It's portable and easy to move and set up and weighs just 75 lbs.
It has our patented "always see the ball"
TM delivery system.
It uses a special non-marking pneumatic tire.  

JUGS Jr. Pitching Machine throws baseballs, 11'' or 12'' softballs, Sting-Free® balls, Dimpled and
Seamed, tennis balls, Lite-Flite® balls, SOFTIE® balls and SOFTIE® small balls®, the New JUGS
Pearl® and the New JUGS BULLDOG
BPM001    JR Pitching Machine For BB - 110 Volt                $1249.00

BPM002    JR Pitching Machine For BB - 220 Volt                $1324.00

BPM003    JR Pitching Machine For BB & SB - 110 Volt      $1299.00

BPM004    JR Pitching Machine For BB & SB - 220 Volt      $1374.00
Optional Automatic Feeder
Feeds 18 Baseballs
BPM001-F1   Automatic Feeder - 110 Volt                    $450.00

BPM001-F2   Automatic Feeder - 220 Volt                    $475.00

BPMR             Feeder Remote Switch                            $100.00

BPMC             Heavy-Duty Pitching Machine Cover      $59.00
Optional Feeder Remote
In-Line On/Off Switch
Allows You To Hit
On Your Own
Optional Cover
Heavy-Duty Cover Protects
Your Machine
We Carry The Complete JUGS Line Of Machines & Accessories

- Including Soccer, Field Hockey & Tennis Machines -

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