Inflation Pump - Electric

1/8 H.P Compressor
110 volts A.C
Attachments to inflate all sports balls included

FAP001      $76.80     
PRE SEASON    $71.65
Inflation Pump - Heavy Duty Electric

Heavy duty fan cooled air compressor
120V AC outlet
125 PSI
Easy to read pressure gauge
Storage compartment for power cord, hose and inflater nozzles

FAP002      $6
5.45       PRE SEASON    $60.80
Inflation Pump - Tabletop Model

Improved design
All steel with gauge and hose

FAP003      $26.5
5       PRE SEASON    $24.65
Foot Pump

Rugged steel construction
Extra long 48" hose
15 PSI

FAP004      $7.25         
PRE SEASON    $6.70
Deluxe Pressure Gauge

Large easy to read 20 PSI dial
Release button to adjust ball to proper pressure
Includes needle

FPG001          $9.15         
PRE SEASON    $8.50
Economy Pressure Gauge

Checks ball pressure
Needle included

FPG002          $4.25         
PRE SEASON    $3.95
Ball Inflation Needles

Blister card of 3 needles

(Not recommended for helmet inflation)

FIN001            $.85            
PRE SEASON    $.75
Deluxe Hand Pump

12" pump with 6"  detachable hose and needle

FAP005          $3.75      
PRE SEASON    $3.45
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