Goal Line Athletics Can Provide All Your Stencil Needs To
Keep Your Field And Facility Clearly And Attractively Marked

Football Yard Markings, Hash Marks, Mascots And Lettering
Heavy Duty Reusable Athletic Stencil Kits

• Football Field Numbering Kits
• Hash Mark Kits
• School Logo/Mascot Kits
• Helmet Kits
• Track Marking Kits

Make your football field and track look “THE
BEST IT CAN BE” with the newest wave in stencil
technology. Now it is possible to have your own
logo/mascot, league emblem, and helmet
designed into a reusable stencil for your field and

This is by far the most economical way to get a
professional appearance on a year to year basis.
Stencils are designed and engineered out of a
durable, nonstick, 1/8 or 1/16 inch thick
polyethylene plastic. With proper use and
storage they should last for years.
Stencils can be used to paint your
mascot on walls, floors, banners,
pavement, grass….virtually any

These stencils are made from super
tough PolyTough and can be reused
thousands of times. If our standard
Mascot stencils do not fit your needs
we can also custom cut to your
It’s quick and easy.
Just mail or email your artwork to us and we will
digitally reproduce it in stencil format and cut it
using the latest computer technology.

Our stencils will last for years and are backed by a
5-year warranty, the longest available.
Please call for an estimate on a complete
stencil graphics kit. Boost team spirit by
adding color and graphics!