Edge SS-5000 Portable Scoring System

Keep everyone in the game with the SS-5000 multi-sport,
outdoor/indoor portable scoring system. Day-Bright LED digits are
easily readable from all over the field, even in direct sunlight!
Wireless remote control is included

To control the totally wireless system, the radio remote is easy to
use and small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. An official on the field
can keep time and score as easily as a spectator on the sidelines.
Each system has a dedicated radio channel that prevents
interference from other scoring systems.

Timing capabilities include countdown timer, count-up timer, circuit
interval timer (for running practice drills), stopwatch (accurate to
1/100th of a second) and time of day mode. Operation is intuitive, so
formal training is not necessary.

After each period expires the 106dB horn sounds automatically,
piercing through background noise like a referee whistle. Horn
volume can be adjusted or silenced completely.

The SS-5000 is designed to accommodate several mounting
preferences. Built-in prop rods help set up on the ground or other
flat surface. Hanging brackets allow the system to be hung on a
fence or wall. For elevated mounting, the optional tripod kit
(TRI-5000K) raises to 7 feet with its crank-up design

FSB011     $1449.00
Display Size 28" x 20" x 3"   
Display Weight 20 lbs   
Digit Type 6" Day-bright LEDs   
Power Source Internal rechargeable battery or 120V AC   
Battery Life 10 hours (approx)   
Charging Time 6 – 8 hours (approx)   
Horn 106 dB   
Controller Size 2-3/4" x 5" x 1"   
Remote Range 300 ft   
Visibility 300 ft (outdoors/indoors)   
Timer Modes Count down, up & time-of-day clock   
Practice Mode Yes   
Period Display 0 – 9   
Score Display 0 – 99   
Construction Aircraft aluminum, Lexan® face   
Weather Resistance Splash & moisture protection   
Warranty 1 year
Recommended by Pop Warner and other youth organizations for
football, soccer, hockey, track, and other recreational activities.
• Complete wireless system
• Day-Bright LEDs
• Multi-sport timing & scoring
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Several mounting options
• Small, convenient size
• Easy to operate
• 300 ft. range
• Dedicated radio channel
• 9V battery lasts 3+ years

120V AC adapter for plug-in use to bypass
internal battery. Adapter does not charge the
internal battery.

FSB011A       $84.95


Tripod with crank-up handle to raise
scoreboard 7 feet above the ground.
Mounting hardware included

FSB011T       $245.00

Smart Charger

Replacement smart charger for internal
battery pack

FSB011C      $6

Replacement Remote

Replacement remote control-factory
programmed for your SS-5000

FSB011R      $3

The Edge SS-5000 includes a multi-position advertising panel that comes ready for your customized message.
The standard-sized 24" x 18" Coroplast panel will withstand extended outdoor use. The versatile design allows the
ad panel to be positioned on back, top, bottom, or elevated with use of the optional tripod (TRI-5000K). Simply snap
the panel in place.

•  Excellent advertising "bank for the buck" - a smart business investment  
•  Sponsor is recognized for contribution at every glance, every game, every year
•  Multi-sport capability allows advertising at many sporting events
•  Useful at locations where permanent advertising is restricted
•  Advertising panel included with purchase - design your advertisement with custom logos, text, etc.
•  Use as a tax-deductible donation
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• True 360° visibility with this 3-sided display design.
• Riding timer, injury timer, and match number display are all standard.
• Easy-to-use control console readout appears just like the full-size display

FSB012     $2499.00

Tripod for SS-3000   FSB012T   $220.00  

• Excellent visibility with this 2-sided display design.
• Riding timer, injury timer, and match number display are all standard.
• Easy-to-use control console readout appears just like the full-size display

FSB013     $2089.00

• Easy-to-use controls are simple and intuitive for the user.
• Scoring and practice modes are great for multiple sports.
• Portable design with a handle and an optional carrying case

FSB014     $745.00
These Additional Indoor Models Available

Please Call For Detailed Information
Carrying Case for SS-2000  FSB014C  $85.00